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2016-12-05 00:10:00.0

For an in depth update on the days stock performances join Giulietta Talevi and her expert panel - Nic Norman-Smith from Lentus Asset management and Brendan Raymond from REZCO as they review the day’s markets action and answer your stock-related questions. SMS ‘stock’ followed by your question to 33814 or e-mail: stockwatch@bdtv.co.za.

Markets Analysis

Forex Focus

2016-12-05 00:00:00.0

André Botha from Treasury One discusses the rand’s small recovery after South Africa avoided a foreign-currency ratings downgrade from Standard & Poor’s

Latest Business Features

The Big Small Business Show
Brought to you by MTN Business and SAICA

2016-12-05 00:10:00.0

Very often, when entrepreneurs start their businesses, they have to put in extra hours and this results in the payment of physical, emotional, family and friendship taxes. On the show this week, Allon Raiz and Kumaran Padayachee tackle an avoided debate on whether it’s worth it or not.

Master Class

2016-12-05 00:00:00.0

Relationships in business are at times integral to our success, but getting the right value out of them can be a tricky task if you do not know how. Rianette Leibowitz, Founder & CEO of SaveTNet Cyber Safety gives us a Masterclass on how to benefit and add value to your business relationships.

Global Investor

2016-12-05 00:05:00.0

More euro zone worries as Italy’s Prime Minister quits and unemployment at 4.6% makes a US rate hike next week almost a certainty. Caroline Cremen from AdviceWorx tells us where she’d be investing globally, while Coronation’s Suhail Suleman puts forward the case for the fund manager’s Global Emerging Markets Equity Strategy.

You and Your Money

2016-12-05 00:10:00.0

On the show tonight Bryan Hirsch tackles your queries about investments with his regular guest, Paul Hansen, Director at Stanlib.

SME Funding

2016-12-05 00:10:00.0

Thabani Lurwenga, founder and CEO of SCE Engineering, joins hosts Lynette Ntuli and Kumaran Padayachee to unpack his efforts to find funding.

Company Profile
Brought to you by ITHALA

2016-12-02 00:00:00.0

The Ithala Development Finance Corporation has been at the helm of developing and supporting small businesses in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. Find out what strides the organization has made over its 54 year journey in this regard.

The Week That Was

2016-12-02 00:10:00.0

It's ratings agency déjà vu all over again as S&P gets ready to deliver its verdict. Meanwhile, OPEC puts its squabbles aside, Trump goes fishing in the Goldman Sachs alumni pond, and Glencore’s discovered a billion dollars in an old coat pocket. Koko the clown’s in charge but we’re not laughing and Jacob the tapeworm is here to feast because the ANC have looked everywhere but they’ve run out of Vermox. Join Simon Brown, Giulietta Talevi and Sasfin Securities' David Shapiro as they round up The Week That Was.

Africa Inc.

2016-12-02 00:10:00.0

Entrepreneurship is seen as a key to economic growth and has the potential to drive the continent into next phase of development. In fact, a recent study by the IFC points to SMEs accounting for more than half of all formal jobs worldwide. This week on “Africa Inc.” we find out how African economies can leverage more effectively off its entrepreneurial resources by having the right support structures in place.

The Big Small Business Show
Brought to you by MTN Business and SAICA

2016-12-02 00:05:00.0

Dean Kowarski, CEO of Real Foods, shares the advantages of allowing staff to experiment and make mistakes. (Part 2 of 2) Cash is still king worldwide, despite the amount of cards doing the rounds

Talking Technical

2016-12-01 00:10:00.0

Independent Technical Analyst Frans de Klerk talks technical share analysis and gives you his take on whether it’s a Buy/Hold/Sell. Call in Live with your questions every Thursday evening on 011 280 3899.

Editing Allowed

2016-11-30 00:05:00.0

Rob Rose and the panel of editors debate whether ANC's NEC stalemate will hurt South Africa's economy further and why ratings agencies are doing us such great favours by not downgrading us. They also look into whether the nuclear project money put is now closed or is the tap still leaking at Eskom?

The Business of the Arts
Brought to you by Business and Arts SA

2016-11-29 00:00:00.0

The Nando’s Art Initiative aims to promote young South African artists through displaying their artwork in various restaurants across the country. Nandos takes us through its journey which aims to complement its large art collection with unique South African furniture designs.

Traders Corner
Sponsored by IG South Africa www.ig.com

2016-11-29 00:00:00.0

This week on Traders Corner, founder Garth Mackenzie discusses Sasol and Clicks as potential trades, shows why he's holding on to Kumba, and discusses why a crush of leveraged positions in the market could spark a sell-off in the run up to December's futures closeout.

Share My Portfolio

2016-11-29 00:05:00.0

This show is all about you and your portfolio. See expert guests analyze actual viewer portfolio's and give the kind of perspective and insight needed to make an informed investment decision. Send your queries to: portfolio@bdtv.co.za

Small Biz MBA

2016-11-29 00:10:00.0

Invoices are the heart and soul of any business, and yet it’s on this document that many business owners make many mistakes. Host Yasmeen Alli is joined by George Diab, CA and founder of Tailor Me, and they unpack the design of an invoice from the top heading right down to payment terms and conditions.

The Roffey Review

2016-11-28 00:00:00.0

Clive Roffey takes us through the last year's market activity and what he thinks could possibly happen early in the new year.

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