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E-tolls failed, says Outa

2014-09-02 12:43:09.0

E-tolling Gauteng’s highways has failed and the system falls short of its intentions, says the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance

Brent oil dips on demand fears, strong dollar

2014-09-02 12:40:03.0

Brent crude dips below $102 a barrel, pressured by worries about slowing oil demand growth in China and Europe, strong US dollar and ample supplies

DRD Gold reports 100% drop in headline earnings

2014-09-02 12:07:13.0

Gold producer says headline earnings per share fell 100% to nil, but says although results reflect weak full year, production and revenue did increase in fourth quarter

Attacks on Cape Town buses ‘aimed at making city ungovernable’

2014-09-02 13:02:58.0

Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille says protests are politically motivated, part of sustained campaign to sow dissent ahead of 2016 local government elections

News Leader

Is Crime Good for the Economy

01 September 2014

Eonomist Mike Schussler and John Kozy, a retired professor of philosophy and logic, debate whether crime helps boost an economy.

Stock Watch

Stock Watch Pick

01 September 2014

For the day’s hottest stock picks Giulietta Talevi hosts Deryck Janse van Rensburg from Anchor Capital who chose BIL and Sanlam Private Wealth's Greg Katzenellenbogen who favoured IPL.

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The Big Small Business Show

01 September 2014

Sean Walker, co-founder of Royal Hairstyles Training Academy & Salon, returns to tell us how they’ve progressed.

You and Your Money on Life Insurance

01 September 2014

Bryan Hirsch looks at life insurance with the help of Daryl Bennett, Sasfin financial Advisory Services and Sandy van der Zanden; Pioneer Financial Planning.


01 September 2014

On the Zone we speak to Neo Mafulo of Nais Kiddies Parties as she seeks advice on expansion. We also get to know more about choosing the right service provider in marketing communications.

Straight Talk with Mark Barnes

01 September 2014

Government intervention/interference is the topic of discussion with Business Day Columnist and Chairman of Purple Capital; Mark Barnes on whether through its economic policies, Government is there to assist business, whether they can work in tandem or whether they just get in each others way.

Ask the Property Experts

01 September 2014

The younger you are, is it better to buy? Guests FNB Home Loan’s John Loos and Michelle Dickens, TPN Property Rentals joins in Kura Chihota in studio to get some answers on how and when to enter the property market and make it work for you.

The Roffey Review

01 September 2014

Taking a look at the overall market, with all the bad “news” of late, it’s a miracle that these markets are staying up for so long.

The Week That Was

29 August 2014

If we read “extremely challenging trading conditions” one more time we may need to down a few valiums: yes, results season is in earnest and it’s not pretty. Zuma goes walkabout in Russia while the tempest about him builds at home; GDP’s in the toilet, Pinnacle’s out of the woods - sort of; Cyril’s cosying up to Gill and Christine’s out in the cold! Join Simon Brown, Giulietta Talevi and Sasfin Securities' David Shapiro as they round up the week that was.

Africa Business Today

29 August 2014

Join us as we bring you all the latest business news from across the continent Thabo Ncalo, Protfolio Manager: STANLIB takes us through the best and worst performing African Markets and Simon Freemantle, Senior Political Economist: Standard Bank discusses the middle class numbers tripling in the last couple of years.

Spotlight on Small Caps

28 August 2014

This week, the small caps spotlight falls on Arrowhead and Italtile. Join Giulietta Talevi and Cratos Wealth's Ron Klipin as they analyse the merits of these two companies.

Talking Technical with Frans de Klerk

27 August 2014

Independent Technical Analyst Frans de Klerk makes a call on any listed share on the spot. Call him LIVE this evening on 011 280 3899.

Editing Allowed with Peter Bruce

27 August 2014

Business Day editor Songezo Zibi, editor at large Peter Bruce, columnist Mark Barnes and the Financial Mail’s Rob Derby and Sikonathi Mantshantsha take an irreverent look at the week’s news.

The Money Show

26 August 2014

Gerald Mwandiambira, Winnie Kunene and Melissa Dyer CFP® from Harbour Wealth discuss the advantages and disadvantages of collective investment schemes.

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