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Recent Interviews

16 December 2014

Throughout the year we interviewed CEOs and executives whose companies have made headlines in 2014. Take a look at some of our latest interviews.

Traders Corner

Traders Corner's Charity Hand-over

09 December 2014

Tonight, Traders Corner looks back on the 2014 trading year, and reveals which charity will take the spoils of the portfolio's returns - a 42% gain on starting-capital of R250 000.

The Big Interview

The Big Interview with Peter Bruce

14 October 2014

The Big Interview with Peter Bruce brings a new dimension to South African television. This is a 30 minute interview that goes out of its way to give decision makers the time to explain...

Latest Business Features

Ask the Property Experts

18 June 2013

Catch Ask The Property Experts, the show which brings you the latest update on all property related issues - from current industry news, to property investments, the hottest places to buy and lots more.

Doing Business in the 21st Century

07 October 2014

Join corporate governance guru Prof. Mervyn King and Leigh Roberts(CA) SA each week as they invite two high-profile experts to dissect issues around the four corporate tools for doing business in the 21st century. This derived from their book 'Integrate: Doing Business in the 21st Century' (Juta).

The Business of The Arts

18 June 2013

The series centers around the world of the arts and in doing so introduces viewers to South African personalities and artists making their mark both locally and abroad.

The Big Small Business Show

18 June 2013

The Big Small Business Show aims to give viewers practical and down-to-earth small business advice whether they already have a successful business, one they’d like to grow or start from the ground up.

Editing Allowed

21 August 2013

Join Business Day Editor-in-Chief Peter Bruce and his guests for an in-depth discussion and debate of the stories that are driving SA’s news agenda.

ETF Investor

05 September 2013

The ETF Investor takes a broader look at the world of Exchange Traded Funds, their performance over the years and how they stack up against other investment vehicles. Stephen Gunnion speaks to industry leaders on how to trade succesfully in the world of ETF's.

Integrated Reporting

18 June 2013

Integrated Reporting is back on your screens for a second season. Join host Leigh Roberts from SAICA, every week as she speaks to different industry leaders, and finds out how your company can keep up with the latest corporate governance codes.

The Money Show

06 February 2014

The Money Show is a Business Day TV financial education initiative that aims to help viewers make better money decisions. Join Gerald Mwandiambira, a certified financial planner, and Winnie Kunene, a “money psychologist”

New Retirement Thinking

08 May 2014

Whether one is just starting out or well into your working years, retirement planning is something we all have to deal with. Each month we invite top experts to help you understand the complex world of retirement planning.

Straight Talk with Mark Barnes

14 October 2013

Straight Talk with Mark Barnes is as the name suggests: a forthright and irreverent weekly discussion on the economic and political events shaping our world. Based on Barnes' widely-read column in Business Day 'The Bottom Line', and hosted by BDTV's markets editor Giulietta Talevi, the show seeks to inform, entertain and antagonise.

The Roffey Review

18 June 2013

Market analysis from technical analyst Dr. Clive Roffey on the Roffey Review.

Share my Portfolio

18 June 2013

Share My Portfolio is all about you and your portfolio, expert guests analyse questions sent in by viewers about their portfolios and particular shares and give the kind of perspective and insight you really need to make an informed investing decision.


15 July 2014

The crux of the show is to equip business owners with information and tools that will grow their enterprises into self sufficient businesses. Me and My aims to help reveal some of the country's hidden gems and tomorrow's leading small business owner/s.

Spotlight on Small Caps

18 June 2013

Spotlight on Small Caps on Summit is hosted by Companies and Markets Editor Giulietta Talevi. Each week a guest analyst joins her to pinpoint which small cap shares have potential which don't and which ones might just shoot the lights out and turn you a profit.

Talking Technical

18 June 2013

Join Giulietta Talevi and independent analyst Frans de Klerk for an interactive half-hour of technical share analysis like no other.

Traders Corner

18 June 2013

Garth Mackenzie kicks off the new year with R250 000 in fresh start-up capital. The aim? To show trading as it really is, give the best advice on how to manage your own trading techniques, and of course to make as much money as we can for our year-end charity donation.

You and Your Money

18 June 2013

Personal finance with Bryan Hirsch and his team of analysts.

Bisquit - Business Lunch

09 December 2014

Offering sophisticated fine dining in Gardens - Cape Town and occupying two historic buildings, built in the 1830 the building was originally owned by the Cape Town Justice Minister. The wine cellar and functions rooms are situated up the road at Auslese, a traditional Cape home built in the 1920's. If the aim is to impress, Aubergine is the ideal business lunch venue.

TUNING INTO AFRICA - The Growth of the TV Sector

18 November 2014

Africa is on the precipice of exponential growth in the TV sector, in particular Pay TV across Sub-Saharan Africa. These are exciting times for the viewer but they are especially exciting if you work in the industry or are looking for an investment opportunity.

Latest Stock Picks

  • 09 December 2014


    -1.01% down
    05 December 2014

    Woolworths WHL

    -2.50% down
  • 11 December 2014

    MAS Real Estate

    -0.58% down
    10 December 2014


    2.13% up
  • 08 December 2014

    Group 5

    1.13% up
    04 December 2014


    9.47% up
  • 03 December 2014


    2.10% up
    03 December 2014


    -3.19% down
  • 02 December 2014


    1.13% up
    01 December 2014


    -2.11% down
  • 27 November 2014


    -1.33% down
All Share 49339.320.00% same
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FTSE 100 6576.740.00% same
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ASX 5371.60-0.79% down
S&P 500 2078.5400.38% up
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