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New JSE product to help investors keep up with fluctuating interest rates

2015-09-03 18:03:09.0

JSE launches product to support trade in interest rate futures swap market — a move that will make protecting portions of investor funds tied up in bonds easier to manage

Apple’s latest challenge: topping its own success

2015-09-03 18:12:36.0

As Apple prepares to introduce latest iPhones next week, company’s biggest challenge is one of its making: how to top its own success

Phiyega stalls Zuma over suspension decision

2015-09-03 20:52:51.0

National police commissioner wants ‘further clarity’ before she provides president with reasons why she should vacate post over her Marikana dealings

News Leader

SA can't afford to host Commonwealth Games

02 September 2015

ETM's Russell Lamberti shares his take on whether SA can really foot the bill for Durban to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Stock Watch

Stock Picks

02 September 2015

David Shapiro, Sasfin Securities and Wayne McCurrie, Momentum Wealth Portfolio Management joins Giulietta in studio to highlight the day’s top stock picks and answer your stock-related questions

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ETF Investor
Brought to you by CoreShares

02 September 2015

Offshore diversification takes centre stage in this week’s discussion as we look at available offshore options using ETfs. Stephen Gunnion speaks to ETF Strategist Nerina Visser from etfSA and Wehmeyer Ferreira, Head of DB X-Trackers at Deutsche Bank in South Africa.

Editing Allowed

02 September 2015

On this this week’s show, Peter Bruce and his panel discuss President Jacob Zuma’s “the economy is sick” statement and the role government and big business should play in rectifying the situation. They also debate the future of the rand and the latest in the procurement process for nuclear energy.

Ask the Property Experts

02 September 2015

Tenants and landlords are governed by certain rules in order to attain the best relationship possible. Find out from Kura Chihota as he unravels this love hate relationship with Michelle Dickens Managing Director of TPN.

Traders Corner
Sponsored by IG South Africa

01 September 2015

This week on Traders Corner, founder Garth Mackenzie scores a profit from a quick and cheeky long position on the Top 40, but racks up losses on his pair's trade. Join Garth and Giulietta Talevi as they discuss trading strategies in tricky markets./nThat's Traders Corner, at 20:30 this evening.

Share My Portfolio

01 September 2015

Stephen Gunnion hosts Yolande Bothaof Galileo Capital and Chris Gilmour of ABSA Stockbrokers - they share their insights on your portfolio questions. Send us your queries to portfolio@bdtv.co.za.

The Business of the Arts
Brought to you by Business and Arts SA

01 September 2015

The Hennessy 250 world Tour landed on South African shores to celebrate this momentous anniversary. Conceived as an unprecedented, hybrid cultural event, we bring you highlights of this major travelling exhibition, which showcases the history of the brand through visual art.

New Retirement Thinking
Brought to you by 10X Investments

01 September 2015

Investors often do not know who to hold accountable when it comes to their retirement and pension funds. Pension lawyer, Jonathan Mort joins Kura Chihota and they discuss why knowledge is power and who exactly should be held responsible.

Sasria: Our Stories
Brought to you by Sasria

01 September 2015

Wrapping up Sasria CSI series, we reflect on the various interventions made by short-term special risk insurer Sasria as a part of its corporate social investment strategy for 2015.

Global Investor
Brought to you by Standard Bank Webtrader

31 August 2015

Chinese stocks are sagging again and markets are also spooked by the prospects about the first US interest rate hike in a decade. Simon Brown from JustOneLap discusses where to park your cash in a volatile market and Standard Stockbroking’s Werner Robberts tells us why he likes Volkswager and Euronext.

The Big Small Business Show
Brought to you by MTN Business SA and SAICA

31 August 2015

Sisters Octavia and Innocentia Moabi from Godfrey’s Advanced Driver’s Academy, get advice from the panel on how to expand on a niche offering.

Straight Talk with Mark Barnes

31 August 2015

Mark Barnes, BusinessDay Columnist and Chairman of the Purple Group joins Giulietta to talk markets.

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    XIV VelocityShares

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    Brent Crude Oil

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